Monday, September 24, 2007

Chicky Puzzle

Ruby is really into puzzles right now. The first time we did this puzzle together it took forever and then a couple of days later she sat down and did it all by herself. She has done it over and over and over and also likes Dave and I to do a 100 piece Daniel and the Lions Den. Super Duper Puzzle Fun!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bath Babies

Why are kids so cute in the bath? They just look so sweet.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who's the Boss?

I have been having a terrible time getting Ruby to eat dinner lately. She really wants to be in control of what she eats and reminds me she doesn't want to eat anything that I cook, only waffles and corn dogs. So I of course have been cooking more and forcing her to eat what I cook by providing it as her only option if she is hungry. So during this giant power struggle the other night, Ruby insisted that she was the boss of me. I think she thought I would go for it. So it went something like this:
Ruby- Mom, I am the boss of you!
Me- Okay, but I am the big boss and I say eat you dinner!
Ruby- I am the little boss and I say eat candy!
I immediately started giggling and we both had a good laugh. She ate it later with her Dad when he came home. She is hilarious. She keeps us laughing!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Video Blog 2

Testing blogging with videos

White Trash Environmentalism

Grant and Brit and I have an ongoing argument about this subject, so -this one's for you guys!
Everywhere I turn I am bombarded by articles about the environment. It's the issue that everyone is getting behind, because hey, who can ignore the importance of the ozone layer or clean drinking water, right? I have fought it long enough. I have tried to pretend it doesn't matter to me, but in the end we must all submit to the will and opinions of the Mob of environmental groupies(Grant and Brit) who have way too much time on their hands. Today I was reading an article about ten simple thing we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint. So to prove that I am doing my part to save the planet, here are my three favorite suggestions and then what I would like to call "Jen's White Trash Tips for Being Green" 1. Choose natural lawn care and use fewer pesticides. White Trash- Buy a 15ft above ground pool, set it up, kill the lawn and screw the lawn care altogether. Doesn't get any more natural than that. Green lawns are for neighborhoods with covenants. 2. Use green cleaning products. White Trash- I'll go one better. I don't use them at all. Cleaning products are only for those who actually care about being clean. 3. Use energy efficient light bulbs. White Trash-The only light bulbs that aren't burned out in my house are the energy efficient ones. I currently have two out of three light bulbs in my vanity burned out. Bam-Saving energy.
There you have it, it may be white trash, but I am doing my part, and just like they say, it's so easy. I find it almost effortless.