Friday, June 26, 2009

Rubys Soccer Team

This is Ruby's soccer team at the post season barbecue back in May. The girls are Robyn, Maryjane, Ruby, Haliegh, and Dana. Although we had a rough start and Ruby refused to play for the first 6 games, it has really grown of her and the last 8 games were fantastic. She is super fast and when she does pay attention and gets her feet in the game she does well. She is excited to play again in the fall.

First Fathers and Sons

Jeffrey went on his first fathers and sons last month. I was a little nervous to send my baby off, but I knew Dave would keep him safe and they would have lots of fun. They went with our friend Jake and his son Ethan and camped at Bandelier National Park. They had a fun time and Jeffrey came home mostly unscathed minus a run in with a tree.


Here are some pictures of Ruby from when we went and saw Pinkalicious the musical. Ruby loves musicals and tells me she wants to be on stage. Maybe I have a budding actress. It was really a cute little musical and Ruby wanted to meet all of the actors after the show. Its a fun mommy daughter thing and I love taking her to see local shows.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Mexico Staycation

We went to White Sands and Carlsbad the first week of June. We went with my mother in law Pam and my sister in law Lauri and her family. We got to see a lot of New Mexico. We camped in Cloudcroft one night, it was great. Cloudcroft is beautiful. Carlsbad was pretty impressive, but Ruby was tired of looking at "rocks" after a few hours. I must admit I kind of felt the same way, or maybe I was tired from carrying Jeffrey in a backpack for 2 hours. It was a long drive, but worth it and we had a fun time.
white Sands



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Is Taylor Swift tone deaf? And if so, how DID she become so wildly popular?