Monday, December 17, 2007

More Jeffy

I never get tired of posting pictures of Jeffrey eating. I guess I just find it very cute and entertaining. And since he still isn't crawling, it's really his only trick.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Not that Deep

Blogging has made me realize something about myself. I am not that deep. I am not super interesting, funny, artistic, or smart. But I have also realized the upside to not being very bright. I am extremely content with my life. Don't get me wrong. I have my moments where I want to scream I am so tired of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and being patient with my JD an Roo, but beyond that is a very deep sense of contentment. I LOVE MY LIFE. The moments that I feel inadequate and insecure are fleeting. So I don't feel a great need to purge my feeling into blogging and this is probably the most personal blog you will ever read. My life is what it is and I am living it. I am convinced it's the key to happiness. I am going to leave big ambitions to those who fancy themselves gifted. I am not - gifted that is, is any way imaginable other than being gifted enough to appreciate my life. And I do.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Too Close to Home

This is just two streets up from me. It's very upsetting. Our neighborhood is on "lockdown"- which just means we need to be really aware and keep our homes locked up. To quote the famous Three Amigos "This towns getting to rough for me!"

Sunday, December 2, 2007


So Marcilyn got me thinking about TV shows in one of her recent blogs. If you aren't already watching it, take a break from whatever ridiculous reality show thats rotting your brain and check out Journeyman. I love love love this show. It is the best show out there right now. It's like the modern Quantum Leap. Go to and watch all of the past full episodes. I think it's on monday nights. Dave and I are obsessed and I think you will love it to. "You" being everyone from my family who reads this blog, and Anne. All of you, go watch it. Please! Watch it and love it.

Bread Boy

Dave thought it would be funny to see what Jeffy did if we gave him the whole loaf of bread. He immediately bent over and put his mouth on it. This boy is not easily intimidated. I am thinking that competitive eating is a possible career option in his future