Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nana's Birthday

We went to Las Cruces last weekend for Nana's Birthday. We loved being with Nana and PopPop. Las Cruces was warm and beautiful. We rode horses, went to the Farm Heritage Museum, ate some great Thai food, and drove out to White Sands to see the Super Moon. I wish I had a picture. That moon was amazing. We had a great weekend. We love that they are only 3 hours away now, but wish they were closer. We love being with them. We hope it was a good birthday weekend for the best Nana ever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is my sweet sweet Callyboo. We love him. He is sweet and fat and slobbery. Our lives revolve around him. He is almost 1, where did the time go?


I give up. I cannot get a good picture of all three of them. This is especially funny because I have two talented sister-in-laws who are amazing photographers. I just had to post this series of pictures from the zoo. I took all of these pictures and I still don't have a good one. Trying to get a good picture of 3 children at once is IMPOSSIBLE. This is a picture of my babies riding the zoo train, or in their case, the crazy train.