Friday, November 5, 2010

Pre chewed food dude

Calvin hates anything that is baby food. He will not even open his mouth. He refuses to eat rice cereal. You can't trick him. He know's its disgusting. He wants what I am eating. I have caved and am now pre chewing and feeding him slobbery chunks of my food. It's disgusting, I know. But I am hoping it will be worth it and I won't have to feed him every two hours day and night. He is the cutest thing in the world. I love him every minute of every day. Here he is, big as can be, 6 months.

Happy Halloween

Here is the rest of us. We went to a fun ward party Friday night and then just visited a few friends on Sunday. Jeffrey was an adorable muscle-y superman, and loved trunk or treating. He wasn't quite ready for the spook alley yet. Dave was a pirate, but somehow didn't get in the pictures.

Too cute for Halloween

This girl was way too cute for Halloween. She looked absolutely beautiful as a fairy princess. Next year she needs to be a green witch with a wart on her nose. I am not ready for the boys to notice her yet.

Balloon Fiesta 2010

This was a great year for Balloon Fiesta. It was nice and warm. We never went down to the official events, but we had a great time watching the balloons all week. They launched 5 balloons from the field behind Ruby's school. Nana came with us, it's always amazing to see those balloons fill up and launch. Pretty cool. We had a great view from our house this year too. Mass Ascension is at 7:00 every morning and Jeffrey made sure we knew it was happening. He loved it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not just 1, but 2

What's cooler than one minivan? Two! The Subaru died and left us with no choice. Some people go for cool cars, but we are just flat out cool for not caring....two minivans keeps our family motoring around town in luxurious minivan style. Stop being jealous right now.

Our new house

This is our new house. 6,000 square feet of custom perfection. Granite counter tops, spacious rooms, jetted tubs, exquisite views of the city lights and the mountains. And it's mighty nice of Dave's brother to let us stay in the 2 bedroom guest apartment while we look for a home. We will be here a few more weeks before we move on. And find something much smaller and not a million a dollars.

We are still alive, as of today

We moved. It almost killed us, but we did it. Here we are, still alive. These pictures are proof that we are still among the living. Life is kinda crazy right now, but the days come and go, and we keep going. We are healthy and happy. The Dave and Jennifer Godsey family is good. Good and awesome. In case anyone was wondering.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have sold our home. If everything goes as planned we will be closing on Sept. 1.
Do we have a new house? Why no, no we don't. Is that kinda scary? You betcha. But we are just going to jump and see, jump and see.( that's just a little Joe vs. the Volcano for those of you who aren't from the Jeff Mann family) We are still trying to work out a short sale, but we have no guarantee. It's all very exciting and crazy. But it looks like we are at least half way there.

Summer is for Camping

Jemez Springs Camping with Friends 2010

Jeffrey and Caitlin -awesome 3 yr old smiles for the camera

Ruby and Ashley
The mountain men -Clif, Dave, Kris, and Jake. It took some work to get this pic, but we did it. I think guys just don't like standing this close together.
The ladies -Melinda, Melissa, Rebecca, and me. I think we look super hot considering we were rained on all night and none of us got more that about 15 mins sleep.

Cally sleeping in the tent- I think I only get pictures of him sleeping because if he's not sleeping then I'm holding him
Ruby and her super curly rain hair
Jeff and his binky finger
The whole crew. It was a great group! We have awesome friends. We love them.
Klinglers, Kocherhans, Gordons, and Godseys
It rained pretty good the afternoon we were setting up, but then luckily cleared for the afternoon and didn't start raining until bedtime. We went to bed with a light show. The thunderstorm was directly over us. It was so loud, it was really cool. The kiddos of course loved every minute of being in the great outdoors and eating nothing but sugar. So it was another successful camping trip. We are making memories, lots of good memories with lots of good friends.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here are some more recent pics of my sweet Cally baby. He is three months old now, wow how time flies. He is already a whopping 15lbs. He loves to nurse, and most of the time can only go 2 hours before he is screaming that he is starving. He never misses a meal and his chunky thighs are proof of that. He is a super happy guy, but I wouldn't say he is mellow. He lets us know what he thinks about things. Especially his carseat. He HATES his carseat. He likes to be with me all day long and spends very little time entertaining himself, but I am enjoying it. I am taking plenty of time to just sit and talk to him and kiss his fat cheeks and remember that I only have a few moments before he isn't a baby anymore. His smile is heaven, I watch him all day just to memorize that gorgeous slobbery smile. He already tries to sit up and loves to stand. Ruby and Jeffrey have finally taken an interest now that he cries less and they often fight over who is allowed to cuddle him or touch his bouncy seat. I have found life with 3 children to be busy, but it's beautiful.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Las Cruces with Mom and Dad

View of the valley from our campsite

Calvin Hiking with PopPop

David and Jeffrey on our hike

Start of our Hike

Jeffrey and his lizard

This is how Calvin goes camping

Roo and Daddy

Dave on our stop at White Sands

swimming at Nana's Pool

Nana and Calvin "swimming"

Nana and Jeffrey on Dixie

Ruby on Dixie

Nana and PopPop are living in Las Cruces now and we love having them closer. Jeffrey and Ruby love getting to see them more often. Last month we went down and stayed for a week and then Dave joined us and we went camping. During our week with Nana and PopPop we spent our time swimming, riding horses, and shopping. We had lots of fun. At the end of the week we went camping. We had planned on going to Cloudcroft, but after driving there it was raining too hard to stay and we came back. Luckily my Dad remembered a campsite that was on the way home and we stopped there. It was beautiful and we ended up staying a couple of nights. PopPop helped the kids catch lizards, we looked at a sky full of stars, made smores, played uno, went for a hike, and enjoyed the great outdoors together.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Cheeks

If you thought his cheeks were big before....check out these cheeks. They are getting bigger by the minute.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because you haven't seen enough Calvin

Our good friend Mark has a fancy camera and is getting pretty good as a photographer. He offered to come by and take some pictures:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Who's Who Part 2

This first on is just for fun .... can believe how much they have changed in 3 years.

So are the following Ruby, Jeffrey, or Calvin? Let's see how you do.

Good Luck.