Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crimes Againgst Gastronomy

So Mom is here in town visiting right. And we are having a fantastic time. I love having her here. We have been shopping and hanging out and of course checking out the western wear and tack shop scene. A man at a boot shop mentioned a "fun" western restaurant we should check out down by Horseman's Feed Supply. So we drove down there today. I should have suspected something when the name of the restaurant was Murphy's Mule Barn, but the parking lot was full, so I figured it couldn't be all bad. I was wrong. It was all bad. Barn would be a perfect description for the interior decorating. But I was trying to be brave even though everything in me to the depths of my soul was telling me to run. I didn't want to be the food snob. We ordered chicken fried steak on the suggestion of the waitress. She said it was one of their best sellers. I would describe it as looking like battered and deep fried roadkill with a bland creamy/gelatinous gravy. Usually gravy can salvage almost anything, but nothing could be done to improve this culinary catastrophe and the only thing that could have made it look or taste worse - live cockroaches(which they probably brushed off back in the kitchen). I should have stopped after one bite, no not even that, I should have violently spit it back out on the plate, but I continued to eat several bites because I didn't want to offend the waitress on whose recommendation we ordered this disastrously awful dish. So not only did I eat the most disgusting food I have ever tasted in my whole life, it was confirmed yet again, I am completely crazy. A pathetic people pleaser. I survived, but I have never wanted to purge so badly as I did when we left that restaurant. I had Post Traumatic Stress for several hours. For the rest of the day it would unexpectedly pop back into my head and make me shudder and cringe. I think Murphy served me dead mule at his barn today and the only upside is that the next time I play "what's grosser than gross?", game over, Murphy's Mule Barn, chicken fried steak.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

October is of course the time of year for the wonderful pumpkin patch. We went last Sat. out to McCalls Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty New Mexico. It's about 45 minutes from our house, but everyone goes. This was our first year. It's really more like a giant pumpkin patch carnival. Ruby had a great time. They had a giant pillow jumper, a hay bale pyramid to climb, and Ruby's favorite the giant hill of dirt with tube slides running from the top to bottom. You walk to the top of this mountain of dirt and slide to the bottom on a burlap sack. She went almost 10 times. That is some serious energy. Jeffrey wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about spending the afternoon out in the wind with dirt blowing in his face, he was quite angry about the whole thing, so this was my first time walking around a pumpkin patch nursing a baby while trying not to be noticed, trying to calm down a seriously ticked baby boy. I think he screamed nearly the whole tractor ride back to the ranch. But Ruby has a great time. Sorry you were born second Jeffrey.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cookie Dough

MMMM, I ate a lot of cookie dough today. That's all.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A litte bit of Star Trek

Captains Log ....Stardate Oct. 12, 2007
I am on a strange planet where there is not enough sleep, I am constantly being bossed around by a small human like thing and shrieked at by another. I am frequently wiping a bum that is not my own, and although I clean, nothing is ever clean.
Captain Jennifer T. Godsey

Forget going where no man has gone before. Sometimes I feel I have gone where no man should go.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Follow the prophet

This is an extension on my blog about Ruby not wanting to eat what I cook. We have been talking a lot about obedience and following the prophet when we have FHE and family scripture study. But in spite of my best efforts to help her realize that sometimes it's important to be obedient when I ask her to do things, she's not buying it. She has merely figured out that what the prophet says trumps anything mom has to say. So we watched conference over the weekend of course. We required Ruby to come and listen for the opening and closing prayers the congregational hymn and when Pres. Hinckley spoke. We told her it was important to listen when the prophet was speaking to us. She didn't care who was talking, all she knew was that she was bored, which she screamed at us repeatedly, "this is boring" "I don't want to sit up here" "this is boring" etc. etc.......timeout. This is how our conference went yesterday. But with a stroke of genius she realized how she could use this whole prophet conference thing to her advantage. This morning out of the blue she says to me, "Mom, you know what the prophet said, he said that what your children want for dinner-let them have it!" I was gracious enough not to remind her that she didn't listen to the prophet because he is boring.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jeffrey David 7 months

Baby Boy

Here are some pictures of the now 7 month old Jeffrey David. His cheeks are still huge, for any of you that are wondering. He hasn't lost them a bit. He can sit up now, and big surprise, he like to eat lots of real food. Ice cream being his favorite and every other food imaginable coming in at a close second.