Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not just 1, but 2

What's cooler than one minivan? Two! The Subaru died and left us with no choice. Some people go for cool cars, but we are just flat out cool for not caring....two minivans keeps our family motoring around town in luxurious minivan style. Stop being jealous right now.

Our new house

This is our new house. 6,000 square feet of custom perfection. Granite counter tops, spacious rooms, jetted tubs, exquisite views of the city lights and the mountains. And it's mighty nice of Dave's brother to let us stay in the 2 bedroom guest apartment while we look for a home. We will be here a few more weeks before we move on. And find something much smaller and not a million a dollars.

We are still alive, as of today

We moved. It almost killed us, but we did it. Here we are, still alive. These pictures are proof that we are still among the living. Life is kinda crazy right now, but the days come and go, and we keep going. We are healthy and happy. The Dave and Jennifer Godsey family is good. Good and awesome. In case anyone was wondering.