Friday, November 30, 2007

Rumble Bum

This was very funny- to me.
Ruby - Did you hear my bum rumble?
Me- No, did you have a toot?
Ruby- No
Me- What made it rumble then?(now very curious)
Ruby - Nothing, my bum just rumbled because it was hungry.

I just asked her exactly what she said so I could type it and she realized what I was doing. She has asked me not to let anyone "see this typing", she has told me just Dad can see it but nobody else. Too late, too funny.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jeffy Loves Food

Today Jeffrey got his hands on a big piece of bread. I thought he would suck on it for a few minutes and then forget about it. Hah! I underestimated how much this kid loves food. When I took a few big chunks out of his mouth to keep him from choking, he went nuts. I had to hurry and give him his big piece of bread back to calm him down. We are going to have a sumo on our hands folks. He ate almost the whole piece of bread.

Love of My Life

Dave is getting ready for finals this week so we won't have much of an anniversary celebration today, but I still wanted to recognize how special the day is to me.
Happy Anniversary David. 8 years and it's been the best. You are the love of my life. I will always be your Jenny and I love you with all of my heart.

Monday, November 26, 2007


This is Ruby's favorite movie of the moment. We watch it every day at least once. She thinks the song "Everybody wants to be a cat" is hilarious. We sing it and dance around like crazy cats.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pipe Cleaner Plant

I thought I would post a new blog to take the heat off of Dave for his Short People Post. You gotta watch out when that guy hears a wacky ditty on the radio. Ruby is a budding artist. She did this last night. She put pipe cleaners all over this house plant. She is very creative. Sometimes she comes up with the craziest stuff.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Short People

So I was driving down the road on my way to work and here comes a song I've never heard before. I think it is my new favorite. I'm sure you all have heard it by now (I think it is pretty old), but it's new to me. When I heard the song, all I could say was AMEN.

Here it is. This is for you Marce and Brit ....... and the rest of you short people ... and since Cam just called and gave me a bad time, she is definitely included.

Short people

Short People got no reason
Short People got no reason
Short People got no reason
To live

They got little hands
And little eyes
And they walk around
Tellin' great big lies
They got little noses
And tiny little teeth
They wear platform shoes
On their nasty little feet

Well, I don't want no Short People
Don't want no Short People
Don't want no Short People
Round here

Short People are just the same
As you and I
(A Fool Such As I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's A Wonderful World)

Short People got nobody
Short People got nobody
Short People got nobody
To love

They got little baby legs
And they stand so low
You got to pick 'em up
Just to say hello
They got little cars
That go beep, beep, beep
They got little voices
Goin' peep, peep, peep
They got grubby little fingers
And dirty little minds
They're gonna get you every time
Well, I don't want no Short People
Don't want no Short People
Don't want no Short People
'Round here


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

wasn't an amazing Halloween. Ruby was completely sick and Dave had class, but we made a valiant effort. We carved pumpkins, ate pizza with the neighbors, and trick or treated the other 2 neighbors. Ruby was Sleeping Beuty and Jeffrey was a goldfish. I thought they looked adorable. I wish it was Halloween again tonight just so they could put on their costumes again.