Sunday, December 2, 2007


So Marcilyn got me thinking about TV shows in one of her recent blogs. If you aren't already watching it, take a break from whatever ridiculous reality show thats rotting your brain and check out Journeyman. I love love love this show. It is the best show out there right now. It's like the modern Quantum Leap. Go to and watch all of the past full episodes. I think it's on monday nights. Dave and I are obsessed and I think you will love it to. "You" being everyone from my family who reads this blog, and Anne. All of you, go watch it. Please! Watch it and love it.


solidcommagirl said...

can you believe NBC wont let the British stream their shows online? I guess they take their name pretty seriously.

Jennifer said...

Whats even more sad is that Kevin McKidd who plays the main character Dan Vassar is British. Why we Americans don't want to use our own actors baffles me, but he's great so who cares.