Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Don't anybody get too excited by that title, we are not expecting, but we do have a new baby turtle. We have 2 turtles in our yard and they must have had babies, but this is the only one I found wandering in the yard. It is so cute and tiny. We call her (or him) Baby. I don't know much about baby turtles, but we are doing our best and really crossing our fingers that it doesn't die.


Evan said...

That is so much fun! Where did the turtles come from? Um the parents that is. I think I know where babies come from! You know what I mean?! Eh?!

Baker said...

I think they eat earth worms and I know they can carry Salmonella. How's that for helpful? Ya might wanna google baby turtles :)
It's very cute!

Heather said...