Friday, August 1, 2008

Tomato Toast

Okay, I know I am no food photographer. Brittany can make any food look delicious. But I just had to show you all that my tomatoes are starting to ripen and they are amazing. There is nothing more yummy than fresh home grown tomatoes. So I am eating lots of tomato toast. MMM, it's the one of the best things about summer.


annzy said...

Do you feel the jealousy oozing off of me all the way down to you in AB,NM.

Brit said...

Thanks for the compliment but those tomatoes look amazing! Hey, gotten anything interesting in the mail lately? ... =)

solidcommagirl said...

i love tomatoes from the garden! Remember when mom would get tomatoes from Grandpa Brown and say "These are from grandpas garden." Thats what I will always think of when eating vine ripened tomatoes.