Friday, September 12, 2008

Butterfly Princess

We went to the zoo tonight for Dave's work party. It was for his center, which has somewhere near 1,000 employees. So we didn't know anybody, but it was fun and they had face painting. Ruby wanted a butterfly. We thought it was so cute and Ruby loves it. She has gone to bed with it still on her face.


Ryan said...

okay jen and i know i dont call you guys enough and im probably the worst brother/uncle right now, buuuut i make sure to check your blog on a regular basis aaaannd i think this is the cutest picture of ruby. she is amazing. also jeffy still has the best cheeks in the entire man family. So yes i still love you guys and your little family! ill call soon i promise! love the little brother
ps what are your plans for thanksgiving??

Jennifer said...

our plans for thanksgiving - trying to convince all of you to come to my house so I can see you

Evan said...

Love the face Paint. And gosh I'm glad you are back to blogging.

Heather said...

1. Ryan, you spelled your own last name wrong!

2. i'll come to your house for some Turkey!!!

3. i am happy your are blogging more too

4. please tell Ruby to wear face paint everyday. she looks so fantastic!