Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in Utah

Jeffrey playing air hockey with cousin McKenzie
My beautiful siblings Ryan and Marcilyn
Me and Jenny Cox
Dave and Ryan Cox
Aunt Marcilyn and Ruby

We spent Thanksgiving in Utah this year. I got to be with Ryan and Clare and Marcilyn. We also go to see lots of good friends. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with anyone, but it was nice to see everyone. Thank You so much for making time for us. I only took a few random pictures. I think I only pulled the camera out twice. Sad. We spent Thanksgiving day out at Dave's brother Mike's cabin in Scofield. The Godsey's and Clarks were kind enough to let my family come along. We spent the night there and played games and watched movies. Bang! was also a big hit with our crowd. It was a wonderful vacation. If it weren't for that 10 hour drive we would visit more often. We miss you all!


Jen said...

We are so happy that you visited and that we made your blog! :) My only complaint is that you posted a picture before my things were adjusted... you know what things. :) Wish we could see you more often!!!

Marcilyn said...

i think jeffy took that last picture. so cute!

England Family said...
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England Family said...

Jennifer I am trying to find your address and e-mail address. PLease could you let me have it! E-mail it to me at
Rachael x