Monday, April 25, 2011


These are the birthday pictures.
How can this little baby boy be one already? It just doesn't seem possible. It does go by faster every time. It doesn't change how much you love every bit of it though. I look at his fat slobbery face many times a day and just want to die it's so cute. Ruby loves him, Jeffrey screams at him constantly, but he gets lots of attention and affection. He is constantly busy, he is walking around and climbing the stairs. I basically just follow him around all day making sure he is safe. Watching a baby learn and grow truly is a magical thing and we are so happy he is our sweet baby guy. Happy 1st Birthday Calvin.


Heather said...

wha!!!! all these babies are getting so grown up! happy birthday calvin. we love you!

Marcilyn said...

I LOVE HIS LITTLE FACE SO MUCH!!!! Happy Birthday Calvin! I REEAAAALLLLY need to come see you guys.