Monday, July 16, 2007

This is Purple Hippo

Before I post the next blog I first need to introduce you to purple hippo. Several weeks ago I had one of my great Mommy ideas (ya right) and decided I needed to get Jeffrey David a stuffed animal of some sort that he could attach to and feel comforted by in his times of distress. So I found an incredibly soft Gund purple Hippo. But I was shopping with a friend who warned me that I needed to buy three of them in case he did become attached, I would need backup in the event we lost one. So I talked her down to 2 because I was certain that Dave would literally die if I spent $20 on 3 bright purple stuffed hippos all on the off chance JD would become attached. (which by the way he is not) But of course when I brought them home, Ruby, the greedy spoiled rotten 4 year old, decided that she desperately, could not live without it, needed a purple hippo to snuggle with at bedtime. So we caved as usual, how do you think she got so spoiled, and gave her a purple hippo. Which she loves.

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