Monday, July 16, 2007

Purple Hippo with Panties

Ruby as you all know turned 4 in May. It took a couple of months, but she has finally turned into a very, how should I say this nicely, crazy/energetic/demanding/bossy/ messy -amazing child. When she asks for something she means right now. And if you ask her to wait, there may be serious consequences. The other night I refused to make her Mac&Cheese for dinner and it resulted in a 45 minute tirade that involved toy throwing and pounding fists. I kid you not, seriously scary stuff. But this angry passion has also come with brilliant creativity. Last night when we thought she was in bed, she was creating a toilet paper masterpiece. With incredible stealth she tore off many many pieces of T.P. and weaved them across the toilet seat making a toilet paper quilt that completely covered the hole in the toilet seat. I wish I had a picture of that for you. Two nights ago we found her asleep on her bed in her princess castle with about 15 stuffed animals and dolls. So it goes without saying that we are constantly laughing at the crazy things she is doing. And although a tad more subtle purple hippo in panties was enough to give me a good laugh.


Evan said...

Oh the tirades and the genius of our little ones. They are the life of us and will most certainly be the death of us!

annzy said...

That is one of the best dress up ideas I have seen in years~