Friday, November 30, 2007

Rumble Bum

This was very funny- to me.
Ruby - Did you hear my bum rumble?
Me- No, did you have a toot?
Ruby- No
Me- What made it rumble then?(now very curious)
Ruby - Nothing, my bum just rumbled because it was hungry.

I just asked her exactly what she said so I could type it and she realized what I was doing. She has asked me not to let anyone "see this typing", she has told me just Dad can see it but nobody else. Too late, too funny.


Heather said...

ha ha Ru, we ALL know about your bum rumble!!! too cute. Can't wait to see you Ruby! {and Jeffrey, and Jen, and Dave!}

Evan said...

Conner always laughs when his bum rumbles. He calls it "tooter bums".