Thursday, October 2, 2008

Politics, by Dave

It's time again to comment on politics. I hate them all. I do have to mention though some things I have noticed during some of the past speeches. Now when I look at a candidate, I first look at moral issues, and their stances on those issues first ... then I'll look at their views on war, health care, education, foreign policy, etc. I haven't heard as much from McCain, but Palin has been unequivocal on her stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, and stem-cell research. They do not support abortion, same-sex marriage, or stem-cell research when it is the start of life through fertilization, and then terminated for the purpose of using those stem cells, they do not support.

Obama, I'll be honest, he scares me on these issues. At the democratic convention he made a few statements that indicated to me they he would likely lay the ground work to make same-sex marriage, and abortion socially acceptable, and supported in our society. When he said "You may not agree with me on same-sex marriage, but surely you can agree that a gay partner should be able to visit their partner in the hospital", and "You may not agree with me on abortion, but surely you can agree that there are too many unwanted pregnancies in the United States". Not this suggests to me that he would support same-sex marriage, and abortion. On the topic of same-sex marriage, Biden assures us that neither he, nor Obama support it, but Obama's statements at the democratic convention do not reflect that assurance.

Now, on all the other issures ... well, I think on energy, we need do cast aside the extreme environmentalism that seems to be supported by Obama, and address our energy crisis. Now that is not to say, "to hell with the environment, we need oil". Technology has developed to a point that this can be done responsibly, without destroying habitat. Obama is whole heartedly for clean energy, which I support, but I say .... don't be stupid. We need to drill now, and develop clean energy which takes time. Now I think Obama would likely be a better diplomat, and like Reagan, he would be able to work with foreign leaders and make good international progress, as far as our relationships with other countries are concerned. McCain, I'm not sure he's going to make a very good diplomat.

Well, there a a ton of things that I could talk about, and it can be summed up with this. I will support the candidate that I think will uphold good moral values, because once a society allows, and accepts things that destroys families, I don't care how diplomatic you are, I don't care how brilliant of an economist you are, the country will fail faster and harder when society embraces wicked practices as social norms, and as being fair and good to it's members. On the other hand, if we place people in office that will fight against these things that destroy the moral fabric of out society, we will be blessed. So my vote is for McCain. Not saying he is a saint, not saying he isn't going to make dumb decisions. I'm saying, he appears to be the candidate that will make a stand against abortion, and same-sex marriage, which are two major moral issues that have been debated.


Hey Evan, is this controversial enough for you? If not, I'm sure you'll help me out.


Evan said...

Wow Dave! I love the atomic bomb that builds in your head and then drops on the blog from time to time. About stem cell research embryonic stem cell research is quickly becoming unnecessary. See Science article dated September 25, 2008, author Konrad Hochedlinger. iPS Cells can now do pretty much anything embryonic stem cells can. Abortion...I guess I hold the line that the church does. Only in certain cases. On same sex marriage. again consult the gospel. It's not that I just buy the church approach hook, line, and sinker, it's more that the churches stance on these issues is logical, moral, and clear in my mind. My biggest gripe about America and polticis is the divisive nature of the parties. Even if one party is "right" the other party automatically says they're "wrong". I hate it. Nothing matters between the parties except making the other party look bad. They could care les about us. Also it bugs me that some average joe becomes a senator and then somehow 10 years later is worth millions. Crooked? Oh yeah! Broken? Yup! Hope this response doesn't disappoint.

Jennifer said...

clap, clap, clap. You didn't let me down Ev. I'm with you, I hold the line the church does. One thing that may be different from others is that it is the most important thing I look at in a candidate.

And yeah, why do the parties have to be so bitter. Little kids always have to blame the other guys.