Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I had a wonderful visit to Washington over the weekend. It was too short. There is too much to say so I will keep this post short as well. It was so good to see Marcilyn, she is a beautiful, smart woman. It was great spending time with Camila, she is a loving and patient mother. Evan blessed his baby on Sunday. He is a devoted husband and father. Camila and Evan are married to extraordinary people that bring balance to our family. Aunt Tam looks as young and beautiful as ever. Mom and Dad are the best parents and Grandparents anyone could ever ask for. There were so many little boys running around I thought that at times I thought I was in Neverland. We did lots of fun things. I love and miss you all.


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Jen it was a blast having you here. Love the photo of all the little dudes on Mom and Dad.