Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Boy

This is really late, but here are the birthday pictures for Jeffrey's #3. He loved his birthday. This is the first year he understood and he really had a good time. I am realizing the brilliance of the birthday poster. He woke up and came out and saw his poster and balloons and streamers and knew that something was exciting. He came and got me and made me get out of bed so he could show me. He opened a few little things off his poster and ate all the candybars and the birthday kickoff was a success. Later that evening we did cupcakes (yes they are pink) and presents. He got foam swords, and racing dragster cars and then Papa came the next day and bought him the birthday favorite...a Tonka bulldozer. He carried it around for a whole week. The days sometimes go by slow, but the years have gone by fast and it amazes me that he is three. Jeffrey really is just a fun happy kid that brings so much energy and joy to our world and we look forward to all the fun that year #3 will bring our way.


Heather said...

happy birthday little dude! your birthday card is still in my purse...and i am finally sending it out today. don't be mad! we love you!

Brit said...

That last picture is awesome!

Tinaya said...

Happy birthday Jeffrey!