Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Just a regular old Tuesday. It is taking forever to warm up around here. We have stayed unusually cold. But at least it's sunny. So I sent the kids out to play in the yard. They have been playing so well together. Jeffrey is finally old enough to understand how Ruby wants him to participate in her games. He does his best to keep up. He thinks Ruby is super awesome and copies everything she does. He drives her a little nutso, but for the most part she is a patient big sister. They must both be in a good stage, because last night I was telling Dave what good kids they are. Lets just hope it lasts till I get the hang of having 3.


Baker said...

A well-deserved blessing as Dave serves in the bishopric? They're adorable, both of them!

Evan said...

Cutest little kids ever! Give them hugs from Heather and I.