Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here are some more recent pics of my sweet Cally baby. He is three months old now, wow how time flies. He is already a whopping 15lbs. He loves to nurse, and most of the time can only go 2 hours before he is screaming that he is starving. He never misses a meal and his chunky thighs are proof of that. He is a super happy guy, but I wouldn't say he is mellow. He lets us know what he thinks about things. Especially his carseat. He HATES his carseat. He likes to be with me all day long and spends very little time entertaining himself, but I am enjoying it. I am taking plenty of time to just sit and talk to him and kiss his fat cheeks and remember that I only have a few moments before he isn't a baby anymore. His smile is heaven, I watch him all day just to memorize that gorgeous slobbery smile. He already tries to sit up and loves to stand. Ruby and Jeffrey have finally taken an interest now that he cries less and they often fight over who is allowed to cuddle him or touch his bouncy seat. I have found life with 3 children to be busy, but it's beautiful.


Tinaya said...

Jen, all three of your children are so beautiful, you are one lucky mama

Heather said...

he is getting so big!!!!