Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer is for Camping

Jemez Springs Camping with Friends 2010

Jeffrey and Caitlin -awesome 3 yr old smiles for the camera

Ruby and Ashley
The mountain men -Clif, Dave, Kris, and Jake. It took some work to get this pic, but we did it. I think guys just don't like standing this close together.
The ladies -Melinda, Melissa, Rebecca, and me. I think we look super hot considering we were rained on all night and none of us got more that about 15 mins sleep.

Cally sleeping in the tent- I think I only get pictures of him sleeping because if he's not sleeping then I'm holding him
Ruby and her super curly rain hair
Jeff and his binky finger
The whole crew. It was a great group! We have awesome friends. We love them.
Klinglers, Kocherhans, Gordons, and Godseys
It rained pretty good the afternoon we were setting up, but then luckily cleared for the afternoon and didn't start raining until bedtime. We went to bed with a light show. The thunderstorm was directly over us. It was so loud, it was really cool. The kiddos of course loved every minute of being in the great outdoors and eating nothing but sugar. So it was another successful camping trip. We are making memories, lots of good memories with lots of good friends.

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