Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Sweet Summer Fun

This is in reverse order from most recent first. We have been having a lovely summer. We play hard. I don't take pictures of half the stuff we do. That's just the kind of Mom I am. My kids don't like to hold still and when I make them, most of the time the pictures are terrible. So all I can hope is that they will hold in their hearts the memories of all the fun we have every day. I do try and get a few pictures though, so when my kids grow up and swear I was a horrible mother I will have at least a few pictures to introduce as evidence in my own defense.

Girls Night Out. These are two amazing women and dear friends. My friend Megan on the far right is moving. SAD. I will miss her. It has been a privilege getting to know her. She has a fan in me, and even though our lives will now be lived in separate places I will continue to value the time we had here and the friendship we developed.

Swim lessons. I love swim lessons. I almost didn't do them this year, but I am so glad I did. Jeffrey has come a long way!

4th of July in Las Cruces with Nana and PopPop. It was a great weekend. We always love going to see my Mom and Dad. And the kids love riding Nana's horses. Even Calvin got in on it this time, he had a huge smile the entire ride and didn't want to get off
We (and by "we" I mean Dave) helped my Mom stack a load of hay while we were there. This is the closest Dave (middle, baseball hat) will ever get to being the cowboy of my dreams. That's okay, I won't complain, I adore him.
Ruby and Jeff playing in the hay barn.
Butterfly pavillion with some of our favorite friends.
Jeffrey makes awesome bug monsters with his trio blocks
Ruby's Baptism. The whole group. My camera was having problems. But this is everybody. My oldest brother Grant, and my youngest brother Ryan and his wife Clare came to be with us. And of course Nana and PopPop. LOVE these people!!!

Ruby's baptism was so special for our family. Dave and I are crazy proud of our firstborn baby girl. We think she is amazing and wonderful.

So there you have it. Five posts in one. You are all caught up on the Godsey going ons. Now go post on your blog, so I know what you have been up to this summer.


Tinaya said...

your family is so adorable! It sounds like you are having a fantastic summer!

Brit said...

Glad we were a part of at least part of this summer. I miss you guys like crazy. I love you. Grant.

kim said...

Love you! I love hearing about your life. It makes me feel more connected to you. Miss you.

Jen said...

I love those pictures of Dave and Ruby. She is growing so fast-- I can hardly believe she is 8! Are we in a time warp or what? ALSO- WHEN are the Godseys going to be in Utah??? We are needing a visit. So get on that, would you?? :)

Jennifer said...

For me to be the cowboy of Jen's dreams, I'd need to be a 6 foot tall asian american with green eyes, a cowboy hat and boots .... big muscles are a bonus. I'm 6 foot 1 inch, but that is all I got.


Jen said...

Ok, I know this is a little bossy but i figure you know me. :)

I want a homeschooling update!! How is it going? Are you happy with your choice? What are the hard things and great things about it? I wish we lived closer and I could just pick your brain like the good ole days. :) Hope it's going well, I'd love to hear more about it.