Friday, May 27, 2011

Save our Bald Eagles

I read an article today that broke my heart. I'm a pretty intense person, so there are a lot of causes that I care deeply about, and find myself frustrated because there seems so little I can do to change anything. Read this article And if you don't have time, let me sum up. Our countries most beautiful and majestic birds are being poisoned by lead ammunition. I believe in the right to bear arms, but not to destroy our wildlife with irresponsibility. Anyone who loves hunting should love the great outdoors and do something so simple as changing to copper ammunition. In some states the Audoban society will provide it to you free. Please get the word out to anyone who loves hunting or even target practice. I have family that enjoys hunting, I have no problem with it, but please use copper and help prevent the extinction of our eagles and other birds.


Brit said...

I love you for posting this. I would tell G to switch to copper but therea aren't any bald eagles where he shoots! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, not such a big deal for him I guess...ha ha ha