Friday, August 3, 2007

Vacation Aftermath

Maybe it's because I am finally the mother of 2, but for the first time since coming back from a vacation I have been questioning whether it's really worth the work. Does the Mom actually get a vacation and is it worth the punishing amounts of mess and laundry? Yes, of course it is because I loved seeing Grant and Brit, Cam and Jason, Mom, Marcilyn, Anne, and all of the Godsey's. But these days it seriously comes with a price. We got home Sunday night and today is Friday and this is what my house still looks like. Swim lessons, Gymnastics, happy baby who needs attention, and exhaustion (not to mention blogging instead of cleaning) make for a messy post vacation house.


Heather said...

I totally know what you mean!!!! I hate pre- vacation cleaning and packing, and post vacation month long clean up...just in time to go on another vacation and start the whole process over again! It's just crazy! My house is never clean it seems!!! But I's all worth it.

annzy said...

Whatever I love it~
It was sooo worth it.