Monday, August 6, 2007

Bed Time at the Godsey's

So Jen went with our neighbor on a walk, Jen took Katie and our neighbor (Bridget) took her dog Lucy. Jen ask if it was OK of course, and I happily agreed to put the little ones to bed. We were pretty sure Jeffrey was going to cry a little, and Jen can't handle that, but as long as I turn the monitor off (I can still hear him mind you) I can bear it. We only let him cry because it doesn't matter if Jen nurses him or if we are holding him, he's just tired and needs to sleep and is going to scream at us until he falls asleep. He falls asleep much better when we are not holding him. So I bet she's out there chatting and having a good time (which she deserves) while I'm ......

Now that I'm done justifying letting him cry .... So I put Jeffrey in bed and he's OK for a few minutes, then he launches into his tirade, and at the same time I'm trying to get Ruby to put a pull up on, which she refuses to wear. So I tell her to stay in her bed and I close the door, telling her not to come out until she puts her pull up on. So I just get Jeffrey to calm down a little and Ruby is screeching in her room ... and throwing things. So that didn't last long, Jeffrey is now crying and Ruby is screeching. So after a few iterations of this, I decided the only way to get them to calm down was to get Ruby to calm down first. So I calmly talk with her (as I had been before, I just wasn't letting her do whatever she wanted) and she was finally convinced that I was serious about her wearing her pull up. So she's happy, I go into Jeffrey's room, give him a binky, now he's happy. Super dad (yeah right). It's moments like these that make you stop and think, gosh I'm glad I had kids!!!!!!

Really I love them, and won't trade the world for them, but uhhhhhmmmm, could've done with out that.

Just wanted to share all the fun I was having with everyone.

Everyone should have kids.



annzy said...

Good job Dad ~and it is nice to see you on the blog.

Evan said...

Dude, Dave. I totally know how you feel. They're a lot of fun when things are nice, but when they go bad, kiss your sanity goodbye.