Thursday, August 30, 2007

Days filled with Mom Stuff

I find that I have the hardest time posting something because I don't really feel like I have anything interesting to share. It's the same reason I am terrible talking on the phone. I pretty much don't have anything super exciting going on. I know that's not the point, but still I feel silly posting sometimes. I do lots and lots of Mom things. I painted and glued together a model airplane with Ruby today. We swim a lot. I spend a lot of time entertaining a very intense Jeffrey David. I love my life. But I am still learning how to do this blog thing.


annzy said...

What ever you are a great phone talker ~well to someone who hates talking on the phone at least

Evan said...

The best part about a blog is that you ucan make the most mundane of things seem exciting! I love how stuff like a huge high chair is so entertaining to your fans!