Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just to catch you up

I wish I would have taken pictures, but I didnt'. You will have to look at Grant and Brit's blog for the post she did with pics. We had wonderful time in Utah and then my mother in law and father in law came back down with us. So our vacation didn't really end until yesterday morning when they drove home. It was so much fun having them around. We loved being in Utah! I got to see Ryan for the first time since the mission and he looks great. Grant and Brit are really the best and it was fantastic to spend time with them. I got to spend an evening with Anne who is as dear a friend as she ever was. And I visited with several other friends as well. It was an action packed week. Jeffrey is happy to be home and out of the same bed as me, but I must say that I think I am even happier than he is. Utah was a little cold so it's good to be back to some 80 degree Albuquerque spring weather. Just wanted to put a new post up, so that's the update.


Jason, Cam, Sully, and Owen said...

Ahhhh! Jeffy is so cute. Enough about Utah blah blah blah, come to Washington and we'll show you a good time. Grant and Brit aint got nuttin on us.

Evan said...

Love that kids maw!

kim said...

That boy is CUTE